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Wissenschaft im Dialog — An initiative of Germany’s scientific community

Wissenschaft im Dialog promotes discussion and exchange about research in Germany. We organise dialogue events, exhibitions and competitions, as well as developing new formats for science...

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Coronavirus response

In order to address the Coronavirus pandemic, we have taken distinct actions for our staff and events and developed digital formats. The following information is available in German only.

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An overview of all upcoming events of our projects can be found here (German only).

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WiD in Europe

As a coordinator and partner of international projects and as a member of the European Science Events Association, WiD has a wealth of experience in collaborating with European partner organizations.

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Organisation and committees

The initiative Wissenschaft im Dialog is a non-profit limited liability company. It was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Berlin. Its members are leading German scientific organisations,...

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Associates & partners

We have the backing of all major scientific organisations in Germany and partnerships with a number of philanthropic foundations.

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20 years of Wissenschaft im Dialog

On 12 May 2000, we have made it our goal to improve the dialogue between science and the public. A report of our anniversary campaigns can be found here (German only).

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Wissenschaftsbarometer - Survey on science and research

In 2017 Wissenschaft im Dialog published the results of its fourth annual Wissenschaftsbarometer – a national survey on science and research.

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