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Organisation and structure


The initiative Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) is a non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH). It was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Berlin. The gGmbH is made up of three committees: the group of associates, the steering committee and management.


The basic financing of Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH is provided by the contributions of the shareholders. In addition, there are project funds from public donors, foundations and associations. In 2021, the budget of Wissenschaft im Dialog amounted to 6.297 million euros.

The WiD committees

The group of associates

The group of associates is responsible for providing guidelines for Wissenschaft im Dialog’s work. It appoints the finance committee, manages WiD finances, and is in charge of admitting new associates and appointing the managing director. The group of associates is made up of the presidents or chairs of the associate organisations. The chair of the steering committee participates as a guest, unless he or she is already a member. The chair of the group of associates meets at least once a year and is headed by Dr. Volker Meyer-Guckel.

The steering committee

The steering committee advises on Wissenschaft im Dialog’s activities and supports management in their implementation. The committee is made up of the chair, representatives of the company’s members and a representative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Representatives of Wissenschaft im Dialog’s partners participate in the committee as guests. The steering committee meets at least twice a year.


The WiD head office is in Berlin. Since 1th April 2023, Dr. Benedikt Fecher has been the Managing Director of Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH. Christian Kleinert held this position form 1th October to 31th March 2023. Markus Weißkopf was the managing director from 1 January 2012 to 30 September 2022. Information about the stuff you can find on the site "team".