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Wissenschaft im Dialog - An initiative of Germany’s scientific community

we communicate science

Wissenschaft im Dialog (Science in Dialogue, WiD) promotes discussion and exchange about research in Germany. We organise dialogue events, exhibitions and competitions, and develop new formats for science communication. Our focus lies on current scientific themes, as well as on society’s expectations of and perceptions of science. We work on the strategic development of science communication and its evaluation.

Wissenschaft im Dialog was founded in 2000 on the initiative of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. We are supported by all major scientific organisations in Germany and work with a number of philanthropic foundations. Many WiD projects are supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Science and research are part of our society

Scientific knowledge influences our daily lives including how we work, eat, travel and live. Advances in new technologies are a decisive factor in economic prosperity, and research and development projects are often publicly funded. Science and research can be exciting and fascinating, and can also inspire the career choices of young people. For us heated debates about research topics, including with citizens, are part of a lively scientific culture – alternative facts are not. Our goal is to enhance the value of science as part of a democratic society and to enable citizens to reflect on scientific facts and make informed decisions.

Wissenschaft im Dialog is committed to promoting science communication throughout Germany – with all social groups involved.

For citizens

We organise competitions and events, develop new formats and create platforms that give the public the opportunity to learn, experiment, form their own opinions and discuss these in controversial debates with scientists and politicians.

Our projects for citizens include: the discussion series Wissenschaft kontrovers, the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft, the competition Jugend präsentiert, and the Citizen Science platform Bürger schaffen Wissen.

For scientists

We encourage scientists to enter into a dialogue regarding their work and its social relevance with interested members of the public. We support them to develop and extend these activities. We advocate for science communication to be recognised as an important aspect of scientific work, and to focus not only on results, but also on methods and processes.

We support scientists in projects like: Sciencestarter – Crowdfunding for science, Wissenschaft kommunizieren – Lernwerkstatt und Summer Schools, and the website for the science communication community Plattform Wissenschaftskommunikation.

For science communicators

As Germany’s leading organisation for science communication, we offer a platform for networking, professional development and exchanging ideas to all of those active in this sector. We are the central contact and trend scout for science communication topics, methods, quality and exchange, including internationally. We actively share our practical experience with newly developed formats, from target group-specific to wide reaching. We work continuously on the strategic development of science communication and its evaluation.

We support communicators in projects like: the annual conference Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation, the research project Wissenschaft für alle, and the representative survey Wissenschaftsbarometer.

For our associates, partners and stakeholders

Together with our associates and partners, we formulate strategies and goals, develop suitable concepts and realise these as activities. Our communication is supra institutional, target group specific and far-reaching. We bring topics that are important to our associates and partners to the public's attention. We promote a social discourse about science in a measurable and sustainable way. At the same time, we function as a “seismograph" and reflect societal developments and attitudes to science back to our associates.

All our current projects are listed on our projects page.