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13th Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation

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Note: After submitting your proposal, you will receive an automatic email, which will confirm the successful transmission of data to Wissenschaft im Dialog. If you do not receive this message, your proposal has not been submitted successfully and you should contact us.

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Proposed session at the 13th Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2020

Session format:*

(What format suits your session? Details on the different formats can be found on www.forum-wissenschaftskommunikation.de. Please take the instructions into account.)

Target audience*

(Who should attend this session? Is it desirable for attendees to have any specific prior knowledge?)

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Title of session (max. 95 characters): *

(Please enter a concise title. If your proposed session is selected, this title will be used for the online and print programmes for the event.)


Short description of session: *

(Please describe the content of your session in an abstract of max. 1500 characters. What are the objectives? Which key question will you address? If you are proposing an interactive format, please indicate the method/format, e.g. World Café or workshop, and maximum number of participants.)


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(Please provide any relevant web links that relate to your proposed session, the participating speakers or their institutions. Is there a website, a blog or a short video? )






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Further information for sessions with multiple speakers and moderators

(Only required for panel discussions or interactive workshops with multiple speakers or moderators.)

A panel discussion runs for 75 minutes and includes impulse statements by a maximum of three speakers followed by a discussion of at least 45 minutes.
If you submit a panel discussion, please indicate all planned speakers. These should have different areas of expertise or come from different institutions and hold differing views.
If you submit an interactive format with multiple organisers, please name all of them.
The moderator should not be directly involved in the project being presented. The moderator must have a good overview of the theme and work with the speakers before the event to plan the questions. The moderator should give a short introduction to stimulate the debate, motivate the audience to participate and, importantly, ensure that the speakers adhere to the allotted time limits. This guarantees that each speaker gets a chance to present and that enough time remains for questions and discussion.

Wissenschaft im Dialog considers equal gender distribution important in sessions and moderating teams of interactive formats. Mixed-gender proposals are particularly appreciated.


The session will be moderated by:


This proposal involves speakers who will provide a short impulse statement.

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Information for the online programme*

Please write a short text of max. 500 characters describing your session. For example, you could describe the goals of a workshop or key questions to be discussed by a panel. If your proposal is accepted, this text will appear in the online programme and may be edited by Wissenschaft im Dialog before it is published.


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Important dates:
Deadline for submissions: 6 th April 2020
Notification of selection: May/June 2020
13th Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation: 5th – 7th October 2020

Wissenschaft im Dialog considers equal gender distribution important in sessions and moderating teams of interactive formats. Mixed-gender proposals are particularly appreciated.

Contact person:
Hella Grenzebach
Project Lead
Email: hella.grenzebach@w-i-d.de
Phone: +49 (0)30 2062295-45


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