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Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation DIGITAL


The registration for the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation DIGITAL was open from 24 August until 24 September 2021 and is now closed.

The main conference language is German. On October 5 2021 we offer selected parts of the programme in English.

Conditions of participation

Participation Fees

For participation in the entire event, we will charge the following conference fees:
110,- €/reduced 45,- €

There is no value-added tax on the conference fee.

Eligible for the reduced price are students and interns who provide a copy of their student card/internship confirmation, which is still valid on the date of the event, with their registration as soon as possible (via email to forum@w-i-d.de). If no document is provided within 14 days, you will be charged the regular participation fee.

Speakers and moderators are eligible for reduced conference fees covering participation (45€). We will send you a link that enables reduced registration.

1. There are four steps required to register for the event:

a) You register through the online form.
b) You receive an email containing the following:

  • Confirmation of your registration.
  • Invoice for the conference fees. Please transfer the conference fee to Wissenschaft im Dialog within two weeks. Please note that you are responsible for any fees and charges for the international bank transfer.
    If we do not receive your payment within 14 days, we will remind you of the outstanding invoice and give a new payment period. If we do not receive payment within this period, we reserve the right to cancel your registration. Pleases see the conditions and fees for cancellation.
    If your registration is cancelled, you will be informed via email.

c) We confirm the receipt of your payment via email.
d) One week prior to the event you will receive a registration link to the event platform Howspace. After your registration via this link you will have access to the event website of Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation DIGITAL on Howspace. Only registered participants can access and use this page.

2. Event platform Howspace

By registering for the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation DIGITAL you agree that Wissenschaft im Dialog will send you an individual registration link via the event platform Howspace. For this purpose, your email address as well as first and last name will be stored on the event platform Howspace. Here you can find the privacy policy of Howspace. Attending the conference is only possible if you register on the platform. No further costs arise with this registration.

3. Video conference tool ZOOM, Webex and SpatialChat

By registering, you agree to the use of the video conferencing tool ZOOM, Webex and the tool SpatialChat for participation in the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation DIGITAL. In addition, the participant agrees to not make any audiovisual recordings of the videoconference.

Here you can find the privacy policy of ZOOM, the privacy policy of Webex and the privacy policy of SpatialChat. Here you can find the privacy policy of Wissenschaft im Dialog.

4. Terms of cancellation:

  • Your registration can be cancelled free of charge until 7th September 2020. From 8th September 2021, the cancellation fee will be 50%.
    Participants cancelling on or after 22nd September 2021 have to pay the full conference fee.
  • The cancellation must be in written form. You may send it via email to forum@w-i-d.de.
  • If you have to cancel your participation in the event it is not sufficient not to transfer the conference fee. You have to cancel your registration via email.
  • If we do not receive payment within the given period despite reminding you of pending payment, your registration can be cancelled by Wissenschaft im Dialog. You will be informed about cancellation via email.

5. Cancellation or change of the event

The event organisers are authorised to cancel the event without giving reasons. In this case, the paid conference fee will be refunded to the participants. Further compensation will not be provided. The organiser reserves the right to change the event or the programme in a way that still maintains the basic character of the event.

6. Image, video and sound recording

By participating in the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation DIGITAL you agree to image, video and sound recordings of you during the event. The recordings are made for documentary and non-commercial journalistic purposes of the project. This includes the use in print products (flyers, posters, brochures) and online (the websites www.wissenschaft-im-dialog.de, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pageflow). This consent can be revoked at any time in writing by e-mail to forum@w-i-d.de. Corresponding data will be deleted immediately from the above-mentioned Internet offers. In the case of printed works, consent can no longer be revoked once the print order has been placed. In addition, the participant agrees to not make any audiovisual recordings of the videoconference.

You can download the conditions of participation here.

Contact persons for the registration

Susanne Freimann & Melanie Herrmann
+49 30 2062295-10
Lara Kristiansen
+49 30 2062295-22

Hella Grenzebach
Project Lead
+49 30 2062295-45