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STATE Studio Berlin

A participatory art science gallery


STATE Studio

Christian Rauch 
Mobile: 030 55279411

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Hella Grenzebach

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Showcasing science and future technologies

STATE is a Berlin-based festival and studio for open science, art and innovation. Founded in 2014, the initiative stands for connecting people with science in a new way: participatory, interdisciplinary and inspiring.

Next to international projects and a temporary gallery project in Los Angeles in 2017, STATE now opens its first permanent art and science gallery in Berlin from October 2018. Again, the focus is on creating an open and vibrant forum for public discussion of current, socially relevant developments in scientific research and their impact on society. The integration and activation of Berlin's interdisciplinary art, creative and science scene is of particular importance with the goal of creating an internationally visible platform that connects the dynamic independent scene with established, international scientists and creatives.

With STATE Studio a meeting ground for science and the public is created, where scientific inquiry meets artistic expression through different formats: exhibitions, conferences, artist talks, workshops and performances. STATE Studio is supported and developed in partnership with Wissenschaft im Dialog, the German umbrella organization for science communication.


Photo: Anne Freitag
Photo: Anne Freitag
Photo: Anne Freitag
Photo: Anne Freitag
Photo: Joerg Farys
Photo: Anne Freitag
Photo: Anne Freitag
Photo: Anne Freitag

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the sciene gallery

STATE studio offers a gallery room located in the heart of Berlin, focussed on displaying scientific research and future technologies. Different program formats - exhibitions, conferences, think tanks, artist talks and also scientific lectures - allow a multi-perspective view on scientific topics. In addition to guests from the world of science, culture, politics and innovation, the rotating permanent exhibition comprising changing art installations provides a framework for discussions on the latest developments in science and research.

The interdisciplinary oriented program invites artists, scientists, creative minds, self-taught experts and interested people from all age groups to reflect and contemplate.

Interdisciplinary collaborations

Apart from curated formats STATE offers interested partners a room for creative collaborations and events: on a total area comprising 300m2 distributed across 3 floors, events like soirees, workshops, conferences, concerts or exhibitions can be realized and accompanied. 

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