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science barometer

A representative survey of German citizens on science and research


project lead

Bastian Kremer

+49 30 2062295-37 bastian.kremer@w-i-d.de

How interested are people in science? How much do they trust science and research? And which areas of research do they see as most important for the future? Wissenschaft im Dialog measures the German population’s attitudes towards science and research in an annual representative survey. 

science barometer 2022

The science barometer 2022 shows that trust in science and research remains high: 62 per cent of respondents indicate that they trust science and research somewhat or completely. Find all results...

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science barometer 2021

The science barometer 2021 reveals continued high confidence in science and research, which is also expressed in the desire for scientific policy advice. To the results.

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science barometer 2020

The science barometer 2020 shows a continuously high trust in science and research, but also skeptical attitudes regarding questions on the coronavirus pandemic. You can find all results here.

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Science barometer special edition on Corona

How important are research results for people in times of the Corona pandemic? According to the public, what role should science play in politics when dealing with Corona? Do citizens feel well...

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science barometer 2019

75 per cent of respondents agree that scientists should speak up in public when political decisions do not consider scientific findings. Further results can be found here.

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science barometer 2018

54 per cent of respondents state that they trust in science and research. Further results of the science barometer 2018 can be found here.

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science barometer 2017

German people think that science and research were not sufficiently taken into account in the campaign for the 2017 German national elections. More results of the science barometer 2017 can be found...

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science barometer 2016

German people think that there is not enough involvement of researchers in the discussion about refugees and integration. More results of the science barometer 2016 can be found here.

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science barometer 2015

One-third of the German population wants to stop Dual-Use technologies, another third is in favour of a continuation of this development.

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science barometer 2014

Expenses for research should not be shortened and the influence of science on politics is too little, German people think in 2014.

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