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More than 1,000 participants from across the world attended the Future of Science Communication Conference (FSCC) from 24-25 June 2021. They contributed their respective regional perspectives and experiences towards science communication and its challenges. In light of the ongoing pandemic and other (global) challenges, it became apparent that an improved transfer between research and practice in science communication is essential to better communicate scientific evidence to citizens and policymakers. Also, the communication of scientific processes and results needs to be situated even stronger in societal and political debates on controversial topics. The conference was thoroughly documented and recorded, you can find the pageflow documentary here.

To continue this discussion and actively involve the European science communication community, policymakers, and other relevant European stakeholders, Wissenschaft im Dialog and ALLEA organized a one-day event in Brussels on 26 April 2022, the #FSCC22. Building on the interim results and identified problems of the FSCC, the conference developed impulses and solutions for a strategic and institutional (re-)orientation of science communication in Europe. A paper of policy recommendations will be published in summer 2022.

the topic

The focus of the #FSCC22 conference was on impact, dealing with fake news, disinformation, and conspiracy myths, communicating global challenges as well as the institutional structures of science communication in Europe. The current state of research and practical experience as well as the political perspective were  presented and discussed in an interdisciplinary manner.

The conference schedule can be downloaded here: The conference schedule 2022

The conference documentation can be found here and an updated version of the pageflow documentation will follow shortly.