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Future of Science Communication Conference



The following programme details are preliminary and can be adjusted if necessary.

Timezone: UTC+2

Day 1 (24 June 2021)

14:00 Welcoming Address

14:15 Keynotes: Perspectives on SciComm from Science and Politics

Prof. Dr. Mike Schäfer (University of Zurich)

15:15 Break

15:45 Session Block I

  • Panel Discussion on Trust in Science with Prof. Dr. Rainer Bromme (Universität Münster), Prof. Dr. Maria Baghramian (University College Dublin/PERITIA),Prof. Dr. John Besley (Michigan State University) and Prof. Tracey Brown (Sense About Science)
  • Workshop: Collaborations in research & practice of SciComm (Wissenschaft im Dialog)
  • Workshop: Communicating microplastics risk: Balancing sensation and reflection(SAPEA)
  • Lightning Talk Session: Goals and Target Groups of Science Communication

17:00 Coffee Break

17:30 Session Block II 

  • Panel Discussion on Target Groups of Science Communication with Prof. Dr. Marianne Achiam (University of Copenhagen), Vanessa Mignan and Dr. Barbara Streicher (ScienceCenter-Netzwerk)
  • Workshop: Scientists and journalists – The road to success (Teach First Deutschland/Berliner Zeitung)
  • Workshop: Measuring trust in science: What surveys say, what surveys miss, what surveys we need (ALLEA)
  • Lightning Talk Session: Science Communication in Times of Crisis

18:45 Evening Event

Day 2 (25 June 2021)

09:00 Keynote Perspectives from SciComm Practice

Cissi Askwell (Vetenskamp & Allmänhet/EUSEA)

09:30 Break

09:45 Session Block III

  • Panel Discussion on Fake News and Disinformation with Prof. Dr. Natali Helberger (University of Amsterdam), Prof. Dr. Dan Larhammar (ALLEA/Royal Swedish Academy) and Prof. Dr. Dietram Scheufele (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Matching Session (tba.)
  • Workshop: Engaging the public in science through dialogue and co-creation – inspiring examples from across Europe (ORION Open Science)
  • Workshop: Scientific Communication through digital and technology tools
    (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat City Council)

11:00 Break

11:30 Session Block IV

  • Panel Discussion on Citizen Science and Open Science with Mirko Bischofberger (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL), Vanessa van den Bogaert (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Prof. Dr. Muki Haklay (University College London) and Prof. Dr. Uta When (IHE Delft Institute for Water Education)
  • Workshop: Finding common ground: Research-practice-collaborations for better evaluation (Wissenschaft im Dialog)
  • Workshop: Using experiments to fight science disinformation online: an evidence-based guide (ALLEA)
  • Poster Session 

12:45 Lunch Break

13:30 Session Block V

  • Panel Discussion on Science and Politics with Prof. Dr. Janusz Bujnicki (Adam Mickiewicz University/International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology), Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies Potsdam) and Dr. Bella Starling (Central Manchester University)
  • Workshop: Rethinking Science Communication - how to integrate research and practice for effective and responsible science communication (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities/Zeppelin University)
  • Workshop: Are you sure? How do you communicate about science and uncertainty throughthe use of philosophical dialogue? (University of Antwerp/Odisee VZW/University of York)
  • Lightning Talk Session: Innovative Approaches to Science-Society Interactions 

14:45 Break

15:00 Final Panel Discussion

Dr. Elisabeth Hoffmann (TU Braunschweig)
Prof. Dr. Stephen Lewandowsky (University of Bristol)
Prof. Brian Trench (Dublin City University/PCST Network)

16:00 End